Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

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- Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Conductor insulation may be provided by placing non-conductive material such as rubber tape around the conductor.

Metal enclosures and containers are usually grounded by connecting them with a wire going to ground.

The ground fault circuit interrupter is a fast-acting circuit breaker which senses small imbalances in the circuit caused by current leakage to ground and in a fraction of a second, shuts off the electricity.

Double insulation may be used as additional protection on the live parts of a tool, but double insulation provides protection against defective cords and plugs or against heavy moisture conditions.

Whenever the amount of current is “going” differs from the amount “returning” by approximately 5 milliamps, the GFCI interrupts the electric power.

The _______ will not protect a person from line to line contact hazards such as a person holding two hot wires or a hot and a neutral wire in each hand.

When the leakage current of tools is below ___ ampere and the grounding conductor has a low resistance, no shock should be ignored.

When a cord connector is wet, _________ can occur to the equipment grounding conductor and to humans who pick up the connector if they also provide a path to ground.

_______ can be used successfully to reduce electrical hazards on construction sites.

Ground fault circuit interrupters must be provided for all ____ volt, single phase, 15 and 20 amp receptacle outlets on construction sites.

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