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- H2S

Hydrogen Sulfide is a highly toxic, colorless gas whose molecules consist of two hydrogen atoms bonded to a single atom of sulfur.

Hydrogen Sulfide has an offensive odor similar to that of a sewer.

An oxygen/acetylene torch burns at approximately 1200 degrees Fahrenheit; therefore a hot work permit is necessary if welding or cutting is being done.

When a person breathes Hydrogen Sulfide, it goes directly to the liver and into the bloodstream.

There are different hazards associated with poisonous gas. The main hazard of Sulfur Dioxide is inhalation.

The way Hydrogen Sulfide affects a person depends on _________.

Hydrogen Sulfide can be found in ________

A worker assigned to an area that has a concentration of more than 10 parts per million of _____ must wear protective breathing equipment.

Alcohol is prohibited in the workplace. Workers who have consumed alcohol within 24 hours of an _____ exposure can be overcome by unusually low concentrations.

When arriving at an area where H2S is anticipated, you should check the condition sign at the entrance. The 3 stages of condition are indicated by flags: Stage 1 – green flag indicating normal; Stage 2 – yellow flag meaning potential danger and Stage 3 _________

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