Lock Out Tag Out

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- Vehicle Lockout Tagout Procedures

Lockout/tagout covers the use and maintenance of machinery in which the unexpected energy or start up of equipment or release of stored energy could cause injury.

Employers are not required to develop an Energy Control Program.

Affected employees are those who operate or work around equipment that may be locked out or tagged out.

Pneumatic energy is air pressure stored on air brake systems.

An authorized employee are those who lockout or tagout equipment in order to perform service or maintenance.

Tags must be ______ and contain a warning such as “do not operate” or “out of service.”

Lockout/tagout procedures have been developed for various types of vehicles such as _______.

An electrical energy source may be a ____ to ____ volt automotive battery charging system.

Each lock must use a ______ key to prevent removal by someone other than the employee who applied it.

When a lockout/tagout device must be temporarily removed to perform testing of the equipment, the ______ employee must clear the equipment of all tools and materials.

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