Subcontractor Safety

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- Subcontractor Safety Orientation

Each contractor has the responsibility to make sure all employees follow safety rules on the job site.

All employers on a job site are responsible for a written hazard communication program.

Each company must have the proper safety programs and documentation required by the DOT including trenching permits.

Anyone working with equipment must be properly trained in its safe use.

Air hoses should be connected at the compressor before the air hose line has been bled.

Each contractor should have a written ________ plan that documents the job safety and health requirements.

All employees shall be provided accident prevention training at least every ___ working days.

No one should enter a trench unless it is properly shored or sloped according to appropriate _____ regulations

Straight ladders must have at least ____ inches of the ladder extending beyond the landing to assist employees in safely getting on or off the landing.

Portable electric tools shall not be lifted or lowered by means of the power cord; however they can be lifted with ________.

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